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Linked Policies Database

Communications among the management staff is critical to keeping everyone informed, on task, and functioning as a team with a common vision.  But other than a weekly staff meeting it is often challenging for managers to get together, given their varying schedules.   

The advent of emails and the Internet has made it easier for managers to communicate among themselves, but the power of computers and the property’s intranet can be harnessed to truly improve communication and consistency in operations.  This can be done by setting up a linked intranet of organizational values, standards, policies, procedures, training material, benchmarks, and other operating and organizational material.   

In 1999, as I opened a new club, all department heads were writing standards, policies, procedures, and training material for their departments.  By establishing a basic layout template, we were able to create a great deal of material with a common look and feel.  Much of this material is now available on the Hospitality International Resources website for all clubs to use. 

But after creating this material, we took it a step further by creating the linked database on our property’s server.  This meant that as an individual was reading an HR policy and it referenced a particular form, the reader could click on the form number in the text.  The form number was linked to the form so that the reader could automatically see and, if desired, print out the form.

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