Tip of the Day

Creating Memories

Most clubs have recognized the value of investing in a quality digital camera to record activities and events for their club newsletter.  Members always enjoy seeing pictures of themselves and the photos of fun events encourages those who missed a good time to sign up early for the next event. Why not carry the digital memories a step further? 

For less than $150 you can purchase a good-sized digital picture frame from WalMart or an electronics store.  You can then save your photos of fun events on a memory stick and set up the digital frame to randomly display great pictures of great events.  Place the digital frame on an easel inside the club’s main entrance, lobby, or dining room foyer and watch your members stop to watch the display.  Usually a well-picked display of 20 pictures is all you need. 

Some members will want copies of certain photos and these can be provided to them as an email attachment.  Once you’ve developed a large archive of fun events and continue to take photos routinely of your members enjoying their club, you can easily change out the picture display on a weekly basis.  The photos can also be used to develop an annual yearbook of club events that is given or sold to members.  Lastly, the photos can be used by the membership director to help sell prospects on the fun times to be had as a member of your club.