Tip of the Day

Closure on Issues

Solving problems is a major function of leaders.  Every day new problems crop up and, if not addressed, threaten the smooth functioning of the company.  Simply talking about problems doesn't solve them.  If so, complaining would be a highly valued professional skill.

Leaders must prioritize problems, addressing the more significant ones first.  To solve a problem, the causes and underlying issues must be sought out, alternative solutions explored, discussions with other affected departments held, and finally, a DECISION MUST BE MADE.  Even then, the solution is not complete until employees have been informed of the decision and changes have been completely implemented.

No matter what problems or issues are raised, employees deserve a response.  Closure is often a simple matter of getting back to them to let them know that their concerns will be addressed.  Even if you decide not to take action, you owe it to them to let them know that decision.  If you don't, they have no way of knowing whether you forgot or you don't care.