Tip of the Day

Beyond Cleanliness – Sanitation

No one would dispute the importance of a clean facility in making an impression on customers/guests/members.

While not as obvious, sanitation is of even greater importance given the health and hygiene implications.  A recent television report claimed that tests had shown that the handles on grocery carts harbored more germs than toilet seats.  While hospitality operation don’t use grocery carts, the undeniable implication of this story is the near universal transmission of germs by people’s hands.  A further story had a doctor saying that the most effective habit in avoiding the flu was constant hand washing.  

These two stories combined point out the necessity of using disinfectant cleaners on any surface touched by human hand.  Some surfaces that readily come to mind are door knobs and handles (particularly of rest rooms), banisters and railings, flush handles on toilets, sink handles, golf car steering wheels, armrests on chairs, bar and table surfaces, water fountains, ice machines, dish or glass washers, or any other surface or place frequented by customers and employees – particularly those employees who handle food and drink.