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Expectations - Mgmt Team(4).jpgWHAT I EXPECT FROM MY CLUB MANAGEMENT TEAM  Regardless of background, education, and work experience, your management team must know what you expect of them in all situations. To ensure consistency in the operation and how employees interact with members, managers must have a common understanding of the club's standards, policies, and procedures. This means you must communicate your requirements for: leadership, management disciplines, service standards, and performance. Click here for more information.

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“I highly recommend Leadership on the Line and the on-line club resource website for valuable information for all hospitality managers.”

- Danielle Emmett, Controller, The River Club

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The First Step to Empowerment – Valuing Your People

Management consultant Susan M. Heathfield says, “Your regard for people shines through in all of your actions and words. Your facial expression,... [read more]

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"To resolve most dysfunctional situations, the first thing to do is flood them with information."

Margaret Wheatley